Where can I buy Gods Unchained coins? 


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Gods Unchained is the first blockchain card game in which you can actually own your cards. To buy cards, you need to buy Gods unchained cards (Gods Unchained – GODS), GODS Coin, and then buy the cards from the marketplace. You can also sell your Gods Unchained cards if you want. The main cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Gods Unchained stock right now are OKX, Bybit, FTX US, MEXC, and BingX.  

FTX – The Best Place To Buy Gods Unchained cards 

A cryptocurrency exchange created by and for traders is called FTX. FTX provides cutting-edge products, such as leveraged tokens, options, volatility products, and derivatives that are firsts in the market. They work hard to create a platform that is both reliable for expert trading organizations and user-friendly for beginners.

What Is Gods Unchained (GODS)? 

A free-to-play card game called Gods Unchained allows players to truly own the things they obtain while playing. Led by the former Magic: The Gathering game director, Due to the competitive nature of The Gathering: Arena, players must strategically outwit their rivals by creating decks that can counter a range of strategies. Players in Gods Unchained fully control all of their digital possessions, giving them the ability to exchange, sell, and utilize their cards however they see fit – just like they would if they were real, tangible cards. 

Within the GU ecosystem, the premium money known as GODS is an ERC-20 token.  

  • The NFT will be made using the tokens. 
  • Used to make purchases both in-game and in the market. 
  • Distributed to gamers as a prize. 

Buy Gods Unchained Coins, GODS Coin, at the Best Rate. 

Gamers can buy Gods Unchained cards and GODS Coin at the best rate. The tokens for the game are available for purchase with BTC, ETH and USD. You can also buy them with Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. 

Buy gods unchained cards

You can purchase Gods Unchained cards with BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and USD. The following exchanges support trading in these pairs: 

  • Binance  
  • Bitfinex  
  • Coinbase Pro  

Buy gods unchained cards with BTC. 

If you’re looking to buy Gods Unchained cards with Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, you can use Coss.io. It’s an online exchange where users trade one crypto for another. It is a great choice for buying Gods unchained card with BTC. 

You’ll need to set up an account before making a purchase on Coss.io. If you already have a Coinbase wallet, this process is pretty straightforward—just follow the instructions provided by your chosen exchange in order to link your Coinbase and Coss accounts together so they can communicate seamlessly with one another. Once that’s done, go ahead and select “Cryptocurrency” from the menu bar at the top of the page (or click here). From there, all that remains is choosing whether or not you want to buy GACs outright with BTC/ETH or sell them back through trading pairs like OMG/BTC or TRX/ETH! 

If you want to buy God unchained coins, you can also do it from coinlore.com. 

Coinlore is a website where you can buy gods unchained cards with BTC, ETH, LTC or DOGE. They also have a bot that allows you to play the game for free! 

What Makes Gods Unchained Unique? 

One of the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency projects for this kind of game is Gods Unchained. There are mobile games that use cryptocurrency, but adding blockchain to an online strategy game might completely transform the dynamic. Historically, players have purchased virtual goods from a gaming store that they don’t actually possess. Skins, weapons, and other equipment will be licensed to you, but you won’t often be allowed to sell them. 

On a layer 2 Ethereum network, Gods Unchained mints items as NFTs. Players acquire a priceless digital asset by possessing one of these cards. Cards can be exchanged for the virtual currency known as GODS, which can then be converted into real money. Gaming can be highly expensive for players, with billions spent annually on in-game purchases. The Gods Unchained project may provide a solution to this issue. Players in Gods Unchained have the chance to make money and collectible cards just by playing. 

A significant change in business models toward NFT and blockchain-based operations and games may soon be observed in sectors like gaming and music (which predominantly use digital assets). A novel option to profit from the appreciation of their native money is provided by cryptocurrencies for projects and gaming firms like Gods Unchained. 

The Future of Gods Unchained 

Having a following since 2018, Gods Unchained is a very well-liked game. With a revolutionary play-to-earn strategy that allows players to make money in a virtual economy, it is revolutionizing the industry. Millions of people play games like League of Legends or World of Warcraft, and they are very expensive. With Gods Unchained, we hope to challenge the established quo and guarantee the long-term viability of the play-to-earn model. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a whole may become more widely accepted if major gaming firms like Riot and Blizzard start integrating them into their games. 

The GODS token for Gods Unchained will soon be released, and it will be intriguing to watch how cryptocurrency and NFT marketplaces might function in upcoming games. Due to its rising popularity and well-attended tournaments, the game will be on many players’ radars. 

The GODS Token  

Players can create NFTs, purchase and sell items in the market, and receive rewards using the GODS token, an ERC-20 token. A maximum of 500 million GODS tokens are available, and they have split across the game, player wallets, developers, and open sales. 

Players can save their NFT cards and GODS tokens in a web 3.0 wallet like MetaMask. On the platform, GODS serves as a governance token as well. It will be a genuinely community-driven project because players will be able to vote on matters that will influence the game’s destiny. 

The GODS token has not been made available as of July 2021. The Gods Unchained team politely advised interested parties to hold off on purchasing anything advertised as the GODS token until they officially announced its availability and made it available for purchase. Before making it available for sale to the general public, the team intends to airdrop 7% of the total supply as a prize for early adopters and supporters.