Top 5 Gods Unchained Cards to Invest in


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Gods Unchained is a really fun game, and it’s great that you’re getting into it. If you have some extra coins lying around, you might want to think to buy Gods unchained cards (Gods Unchained – GODS) because the Gods Unchained card market is extremely lucrative for early investors. 

So, what GU cards should you be buying right now? Here are my top five recommendations: 

Chaos Elemental 

Chaos Elemental is a good Gods unchained card to invest in. It’s an epic card, which means you’ll have to spend 5 mana on it, but the payoff is well worth it. The creature has 5 power and 4 toughness, so if your opponent doesn’t have a creature with flying or reach, they’re going to have to pay extra attention when this threat hits the board. 

This beastly card can take down even the most formidable creatures with its high cost of summoning—so long as its owner has enough mana at his disposal. And if anyone does manage to get rid of it before attacking? Well, then Chaos Elemental goes straight back into their deck for later use! 


Feral is a great Gods unchained card to invest in. It’s rare, which means its supply is low, but the demand is high. The price of Feral has gone up over time and shows no signs of slowing down. If you have a few ETH or USDT burning a hole in your pocket, Feral will be your best friend. 

Feral has an interesting history that led to its current price tag: it was added later than most other cards on Gods Unchained (released at the end of 2018). So people were just starting to learn about this side game when Feral hit the market. As a result, there wasn’t much information available about it at first. If someone wanted to buy one for their collection and found out how expensive it was going to be, they’d probably decide against buying it all together!

But now that we’re two years into Gods Unchained and people are more familiar with these types of games/card games/trading card games etc., maybe they’ll want another look at this new character? And if so… Hooray! Their chances of finding one available online would go way up from before due simply because now everyone knows what they’re doing now. But also because there aren’t as many cards left with their prices still being low as back then too! 



The Unicorn card is rare and is the symbol of purity, innocence, and beauty. 

A unicorn is a mythical creature that has the body of a horse but with a single horn protruding from its head. The unicorn appears in many different cultures, including Greek mythology, Persian mythology, Indian folklore and Chinese folklores. In France and Italy, it is called alicorn, which means “horned.” 

The Unicorns are pure white with large eyes that seem to look at you directly with love, joyfulness, and kindness. And wisdom all mixed in one look. These creatures have long been associated with royalty because they usually appear only when someone worthy comes across them or when someone who can tame them comes along (kings or queens). Even today, people believe that you need to be good enough to visit heaven before seeing one of these magical creatures! 

Mithril Golem 

The Mithril Golem is one of the most sought-after cards in Gods Unchained. In fact, it has a high probability of being valuable and rare. This means that if you choose to invest in this card, you’ll have a good chance of seeing your money grow over time. The best part is that because this card will be worth so much on the market. And there’s no risk involved when investing in it! 


The Werewolf card is a powerful creature that you can use to win the game in many different ways. It’s also one of the harder cards to counter. So don’t expect your opponents to have enough removal spells or card draw in their hand when you play it. 

For beginner players, the Werewolf is great because it has a low mana cost and can be played early on in the match. This means that you’ll be able to get some damage done before your opponent does too much damage back! 

These are good cards to invest in. They are all rare and can be used to craft other cards. The blue one is also useful in the game as an early defense against enemies or an offensive weapon if you have enough mana. 

The red card is good for beginners because it gives you a lot of gold when played. But it’s also useful for advanced players because its mana cost is low. And you can use it often without having to wait too long between turns. 

The green card can be used by anyone since it does not require any special skills or equipment in order to play your hand efficient. Just put your chips on the table and hope that luck will be on your side! 

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Investing in collectible cards is risky, but investing in the right cards can be extremely lucrative. However, you must use caution and research before you decide to invest. With the right information, you will have a better chance of making money when investing in collectible card games.