About Us

Crypto expertMy name is Paul Kohn. Originally from New Jersey where I learned to become a pilot. I spent a decade flying around the country building flight time to become an Airline Captain for a major airline. This brought me up to the Pacific Northwest where I currently reside with my two young kids.

Unfortunately I inhaled toxins which would not let me fly anymore. During this time I was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease. These two ailments lead to a couple rough years of trying to heal myself. I have always been a very studious person having acquired 3 degrees and an MBA so I needed something to feed my love of learning.

This is where I stumbled upon Cryptocurrency. It really intrigued me and I began to study our future monetary system. Seeing the incredible opportunity I felt that it was important I shared my findings with others and I started this site.

I hope the information and suggestions that are provided will help you become more knowledgeable with crypto and bring you better success in this amazing digital world.