Blockchain for Growth

Executives want results and BlockStar is the first company helping enterprises use blockchain to grow their businesses and achieve immediate, tangible business results.

Real Business Results

Increase Revenue

Multiply your revenue streams and increase customer loyalty and engagement

Decrease Costs

Reduce your operational costs, improve margins and increase workplace efficiency

Lower Cost of Capital

Access low-cost capital and fund new product development with tokenized offerings

BlockStar is focused on one of the most useful components of blockchain technology, Smart Digital Assets (SDAs). SDAs can be digital representations of physical assets or purely digital assets with programmable benefits. Implemented properly, they can unlock new revenue streams, increase profit, and access low-cost capital.

Business can now benefit from an easy-to-use powerful Smart Digital Asset platform, in development, that generates real value for medium and large organizations.

Use Cases

We provide real business value today by leveraging the most usable part of blockchain technology, Smart Digital Assets.

Smart Digital Assets are used for:

Asset Liquidity

Free cashflow from illiquid assets and generate new channels of revenue

Product Finance

Reduce capital costs and increase profit by issuing SDAs to fund product development

Digital Originals

Unlock new revenue streams and increase brand engagement with unique digital assets

— Additional Use Cases —

Asset Tagging  ·  Consumer Engagement  ·  Dynamic Sales Incentives  ·  Reduced Payment Friction  ·  Software Licensing Optimization  ·  Talent Retention  ·  Supply Chain

Business leaders are already benefitting from tokenized (SDA) solutions:

  • St Regis Aspen Resort reduced capital cost via an $18M SDA asset liquidity offering
  • Walmart increased profit by improving visibility via supply chain optimization
  • Red Bull and Swarovsky are issuing SDAs to incentivize customers and increase revenue
  • JP Morgan launched the first US bank-backed SDA to increase profit via reducing payment settlement friction
  • Agenus, a US public company, is launching the first Biotech SDA to increase cashflow and improve capital allocation


BlockStar provides a simple, intuitive way to realize the benefits of SDAs.


Christian Ferri


Christian is a renowned expert in Blockchain, ICOs, and Cryptocurrencies who has keynoted at the World Economic Forum and the Blockchain Economic Forum in New York, Singapore, and San Francisco, while being featured on prominent media outlets including CNBC, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal. Former Technology Lead at PwC, Christian has been providing guidance on Blockchain adoption since 2014. Christian holds an MBA from Cornell University.

Gene Leybzon


Gene has led multiple startups to success as their CTO and augments this with experience architecting and implementing applications utilizing blockchain technologies.  He has delivered smart contract solutions on the Ethereum Network and traditional technologies and emphasizes best practices, sound Dev Ops and microservice based architecture.  Gene has a MS in Computer Science from Washington University.

James Diorio


James is an executive and entrepreneur whose most recent venture was honored as making the Inc 5000 list of fasted growing companies for seven consecutive years. He has brought his passion to the Blockchain space where he consults companies ranging from startups to innovative zero-level technological protocols and proper token implementation. He hold a BS in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Evelyn Hytopulos


Evelyn is a senior blockchain economist with depth across many initiatives focused on token economic design, marketplace growth strategy, and design of protocols for market operations on projects that range in value from $500K to $400MM. Evelyn holds an MBA from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Michael Bishop


Mike specializes in developing innovative products in regulated industries including insurance, securities, healthcare and real estate and then taking them to market.  He has advised many companies and successfully navigated token bringing their token offerings to market from both legal and functional perspectives and brings this wisdom and experience to the BlockStar team.  Mike has a JD from George Mason University. 



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