Digital Originals

Executives want results, and BlockStar is the first company helping enterprises create and sell branded digital goods using blockchain in order to grow their businesses and 
immediate, tangible business results.

Real Revenue

New Revenue Streams

Create products in the digital world that generate new lines of business and enhance lines you already have

Increase Customer Engagement

Build new ways for customers and fans to interact with, share, and benefit from your brand

Create Liquidity from Illiquid Assets

Generate revenue and/or cashflow from currently illiquid brand assets   

Digital Originals are an entirely new way to truly own an asset. This is made possible through Blockchain technology and enables businesses to increase revenues and create entirely new lines of revenue.

Digital Originals can be digital representations of physical assets or purely digital assets with programmable benefits. Implemented properly, they can unlock new revenue streams, increase profit, and improve consumer engagement.


Business can now benefit from an easy-to-use powerful Digital Originals platform, in development, that generates real value for medium and large organizations.

Use Cases

We provide real business value today by leveraging the most usable part of blockchain technology, Digital Originals.

Digital Originals are used for:

Digital Links to Physical Objects

A digital representation of a physical object can provide significant benefits, including extend proof of ownership, authenticity, or ways for enthusiasts to participate and “own” part of exclusive art.

Collectible Digital Assets

Digital Original Assets can range from representation of players – like digital trading cards – to authentic brand recreations of vintage products to entirely new creations.

Usable Digital Assets

Digital Original Assets can create unique ways for consumers to interact with the company and each other.

BlockStar provides a simple, intuitive way to realize the benefits of Digital Originals.


Christian Ferri


Christian is a pioneer and globally-renowned Blockchain expert. He has keynoted at 80+ Blockchain and trade conferences, including the World Economic Forum, the S&P 500 Global Platts, and the Blockchain Economic Form, while routinely being a guest on prominent media outlets, including CNBC, Al Jazeera, and the BBC. A former Technology Lead at PwC, Christian has been providing guidance on Blockchain adoption since 2014. Christian holds an MBA from Cornell Univeristy.

Gene Leybzon

Head of Engineering

Gene has led multiple startups to exit as CTO. He’s an early pioneer in Smart Digital Assets, creating the first pre-Ethereum smart contract – Color Tokens – on Facebook in 2012. In addition, Gene has delivered revolutionary Smart Digital Asset solutions, emphasizing best practices, sound dev-ops, and micro-service based architecture. Gene has an MS in Computer Science from
Washington University.

James Diorio

Head of Growth

James is an executive and entrepreneur whose most recent venture was honored as making the Inc 5000 list of fasted growing companies for seven consecutive years. James has created and delivered high-performing results via solution selling, strategic partnership, and geographic expansion. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Evelyn Hytopoulos

Senior Economist

Evelyn is a senior blockchain economist with a depth of experience across many initiatives focused on token economic design, marketplace growth strategy, and design of protocols for market operations on projects that range in value from $500K to $400MM. Evelyn holds an MPA from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Michael Bishop

Regulations Specialist

Michael is an attorney and legal executive specializing in navigating the legal ramifications of innovative products and devising global legal plans of action to properly take innovation to market. Michael has a JD from George Mason University.


Reese Jones

Senior Advisor

Co-Founder of Singularity University

Advisor, Facebook

Former CEO of Netopia, acquired by Arris International

  Alessandra Von Bismarck

Strategic Advisor

European Diplomat



Jeremy Gardner


FinTech Pioneer

Co-founder of Augur Project

EIR at Blockchain Capital

Aaron Gette


Former CIO of The Bay
Club Company

Serial Entrepreneur

Angel Investor



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